Data science solutions

using data to deliver business success

Data-driven decisions


Do you know what data can lead you to good decisions? To obtain adequate data, what internal or external, existing or planned systems and data sources should be taken account? What makes a data source appropriate and useful? How to treat and secure them?

The best data sources provide the most accurate, the most complete, the most up-to-date, the most reliable and the best available data. We can help you to get such data sources.

Should the adequate and potentially useful data resource already be available then how can we process them and how can we spot effectively the relevant information only? How to interpret, apply and secure the revealed information?

Our services (system development, devops, data analysis, human and data security) will help you to answer all of these questions so that you can generate and secure the useful information from the available data only, to make correct decisions and to achieve business success.


System development, DevOps


Development of integration methods to distributed systems, heterogeneous data sources (eg. external databases, mobile devices) to realize integrated data sets for analyzes (migration, data warehousing).

Usage of Big Data technologies for the exploitation of a variety of large and fast-growing data assets in a structured (e.g. databases, log files, sensor data) or unstructured way (e.g. documents, photo, video, social-media streams).

DevOps activities as building, deploying and debugging for complex multi-tenant systems, scaling systems to thousands of concurrent users and transactions.

Delivery of data acquisition and monitoring functions in cluster environment. Parallel data processing to achieve the real-time data analysis.


Data analysis


Statistical data processing, ad hoc or deep diving data analysis. Supporting business decisions by asking the right questions, providing data-driven production of possible answers, interpretation of the results of the analysis (visualisation, infographics, presentation, business case).

Application of data mining solutions, development and implementation of new methods to discover hidden but relevant information, patterns and insights.

Process analysis, process mining, semi-automated preparation of structured process descriptions and flowcharts (to explore, monitor and to improve the already-existing processes).

Full support to strategy formulation process (analysis of current operations and processes, drawing up potential new strategies).


Human and data security


Development of security culture, raising security awareness, developing protection against targeted attacks (eg. social engineering), preservation of corporate data assets and treasures of knowledge.

Creation of information security policy and procedures, revision of the existing rules, security awareness presentations and trainings (theoretical and practical trainings delivered by our security instructor who has many years of working experience at intelligence services).

Fraud prevention by automated methods using special approach (non-auditing, but also intelligence).

Pre-definied personal clearances for leadership successions, promotions, appointments, recruitments, pre-screenings for projects of sensitive nature to create the appropriate project team.